Terza A. Silva Lima-Neves

Kriola.Wife.MommyScholar.Educator.Advocate for the Rights of Women and Girls.

“I grew up in a newly independent African island nation, where honest, courageous, and resilient people lived amidst economic poverty and underdevelopment. I was raised in a family where the women were strong and powerful, made life happen regardless of their economic and social circumstances. The women in my family did not see themselves as subjects and victims of colonial occupation. Their circumstances did not define their spirit, happiness, aspirations, and identity. My mother and grandmother were empowered by the community they built together. As active athletes in sports like handball, basketball and football (soccer), my mother’s younger sisters were my role models, exemplifying self-confidence and teaching me there was nothing a girl could not do, a lesson that my husband and I now pass on to our children. So from birth, I was destined for greatness, not in terms of financial success or academic and professional accomplishments but to be proud of myself and my country, to share my story with the hopes that other people, particularly women and girls would share theirs so that the rich history of Cabo Verde would be known across the globe, told in our own voices. As an African woman from the Cabo Verde Islands, I was born to be a servant to my community, to tell my story, to empower and be empowered, to inspire and be inspired!”